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1. Time in Loops and Lines: The Social Construction of Time
2. ’What is wrong with me?’: The impact of gender norms on women’s experiences of orgasm within heterosexual sex
3. California’s Support from Incarceration to Higher Education

1. Private or Public: A Comparative Study between Gay Bars in Seoul and Taipei
2. Wo Bu Hui Shuo Zhongwen: Identity as Motivation in Birth Language Reclamation for Chinese Adoptees
3. Racing the Messenger: The Effect of Racial Cues on Blacks’ Political Attitudes
4. Calling the Cops in Oakland: Norm Enforcement, Social Exclusion, and Criminalization in Gentrifying Neighborhoods


  1. Rearticulated Racism: How The New Right Used Coded Racial Appeals in American National Elections, 1960-1972
  2. Narrative Memory and Cultural Trauma: Religious Interpretations of 9/11
  3. “Not the America We Dreamed Of”: Latinx Immigrants in a Trumpian Suburbia
  1. “A Historic Result”: Populism, Political Culture, and Marine Le Pen in the 2017 French Presidential Election
  2. Conceptualizing the “Safety Tax” on Women: Examining safety products as a paradoxical form of empowerment
  3. Blending in and Standing out: The Social Structure of Adolescent Victimization
  4. One Size Does Not Fit All: Dual-Labor Market and Family Structure Among African Americans in the South, 1880-1920 


  1. El mundo es un pañuelo: The Bandana as a Global Symbol of Resistance
  2. Women in Male-Dominated Sports: Ice Hockey
  3. Teeming Shore to Golden Door: A Comparative Analysis of Investment and Demand in Investment Immigration
  4. “It is like this huge cloud that’s always over me”: Undergraduate Minority Students’ Perceptions of Student Debt
  1. Classes in Classes: Executive Compensation, Student Debt, and Faculty Composition in the Public University
  2. Cal Survivors Speak Out!: Examining the Emergence of Student Activism Addressing Sexual Violence at UC Berkeley in Response to the Weberian Model of Bureaucratization
  3. Access Without Excellence: The Shortcomings of Financial Aid and Its Impacts on Students with Children
  4. Campus Shared Services: Bureaucratic Inefficiency and the Corporate Restructuring of UC Berkeley
  1. San Xavier’s Formal and Informal Economy
  2. Alternative Modernities: Rethinking Africa outside Eurocentric Discourses of Modernization
  3. Affect and Confederate Symbolism in the Texas High Plains
  4. Understanding the Recent Cyber Migration in South Korea Through the Lenses of Panopticon and Synopticon
  1. Ancient Wisdom and Modern Medicine: An Intersectional Assessment of Pain in Childbirth
  2. South Asian Women’s Organizations: Contesting the Carceral State and Striving for Self-Sufficiency
  3. Applying Postcolonial Feminist and Symbolic Interactionist Theories to Understand Intimate Partner Violence Against Aboriginal Women in Canada
  4. Frame Consistency in the Esculachos Movement in Brazil: A Call for Categorization



  1. “Soldiers” and “Skulls”: Understandings of Addiction and Stigma Among Drug Users and Drinkers
  2. The Reification of Liberal Democracy
  3. Co-opting Civil Resistance: The Depoliticization of Mainstream American Hip-Hop
  4. In Pursuit of the Universal: A Bourdieusian Perspective on the Free Speech Movement 
  1. Negotiating Linguistic Loyalties in a Multicultural Context: Immigrant Parents’ Attitudes Towards Their Children’s Heritage Language Acquisition
  2. Civic and Political Engagement of Chinese Americans in Ethnic Suburbs
  3. “Compared To So Many People We Have So Many Advantages”: The Intersection of Class, Gender Ideology, and Motherhood in Determining Women’s Reproductive Attitudes and Decisions
  1. Global Sociology: Reflections on an Experimental Course
  2. Reflections on Contemporary Capitalism and Global Sociology
  3. Taking Global Sociology Global: What is Global Sociology and Do Norwegian Sociologists Really Need It?
  4. The Wound and the Knife: Five These on Crisis, Demos, and Counter-Terror
  5. Going Global: A New Global Sociology and Methodology for Transnational Inquiry 
  1. ‘How Can You Say You’re Only One?’: Identity and Community Among Mixed Black High School Students
  2. The Disappearance of Black San Franciscans: 1970-2010
  3. Capitalist Development as White Elephant: A Case Study of Argentina’s Yacyretá Hydroelectric Dam
  4. The Chicana/o Compromise: Parenting Re-Socialization of Immigrant Mexican Families in the Bay Area